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Dream Big

Board Members – 

Stop minimizing your dreams. Being negative will always cancel out any possibility of you taking action.


Positive thinking plants the seed. It dares you to dream. It makes you more resilient to obstacles. 

Those who believe in something bigger than their current reality are the ones who go out and make those visions come to life.

MLK I have a dream

With today’s Monday Moods happening to coincide with Martin Luther King Jr’s bday, we have dreaming on the brain. After all, MLK believed that having the audacity to dream big was the start of making even the most seemingly unlikely dreams come true. 

His tireless mission brought his dream into reality. But it all started with the belief that it was possible to do so. 

Call it dreaming, manifesting, positive thinking or naivety - but those who believe in something bigger than their current reality are able to go out and make those visions happen.

Whether the spark of manifesting comes from watching TikToks of a life you envy, or admiring the perfectly decorated corner in someone’s home, or maybe just a dream you’ve had since childhood - once the seed of “I want that'' is planted in your head, know that you can make it happen. 

This is not just a concept reserved for “other people.”

But obviously all this is easier said than done. Moving from the thinking part to the actual doing part is where the real hustle starts, and it likely won't be a linear path to success. The setbacks, struggles and mental warfare you may experience can at times cause you to spiral or deter you from continuing. You’ll question if what you’re doing is even helping to make your dream come true. You’ll feel like you’re failing. But your belief in yourself and your determination is what will allow you to persevere. 

The perfect interior design corner

In dreaming big for The B.O.D and building our own empire it’s often a rollercoaster of feeling on top of the world one moment, and questioning if we should quit the next. But seeing life in the macro and getting back to our big dreams gives us the motivation to keep taking steps towards that bigger picture. 

Don’t belittle your dreams. And never be embarrassed by them or the steps it takes to get there. 

If your dream is to open a restaurant, know that some of the most successful people started by washing the dishes. 

If your dream is to have a family and be the best stay-at-home mom out there, take the steps to make that happen - whether that’s freezing your eggs, talking to your partner or deciding to take the journey on your own. 

Dinner in the Italian countryside

Some of our dreams include: B.O.D events, the creation of The B.O.D HOME, getting 1 million people Suited Up, creating opportunities for others, continuing and building upon our Mom’s legacy. 

Dreams don’t come with a roadmap. In order to get anywhere, you first need to believe it is possible. 

Suit yourself and get started.


- The Board

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