About Us

We are the Board of Directors, a sister-founded brand specializing in versatile Jumpsuits (or Suits as we call them) you can, and will want to, live in.

Designing clothing made to play, lounge, and conquer, we're for those who are unafraid to chart their own course and remind you - You are the only decision maker that matters. 


This is a call to arms for all those who go out into the world unapologetically themselves. Who love and live their truth and let no one convince them otherwise. It is a rallying cry to live the life we please, to set our own timelines, and to live with radical candor. It's a reminder to honor our desires, even if they change week by week. It embraces our differences, but celebrates the spirit of self-expression that unites us. It is an invitation to play, lounge and conquer.

To Suit Yourself is to blaze your own trail, to be your own Director and know that you're the only decision maker that matters. 

Individually, we are each a Board Member in this community owning this mindset. Together, we are The Board of Directors. 

Don't wait for a seat at the big boys table. Create your own. 



Designed to wear alone, layered, styled, and made one's own, our Suits are a canvas for finding what suits you. With so many ways to wear them, no two people wear the same Suit the same way. They're adjustable and reversible to fit you and your many moods (yes, that might mean changing countless times in a single day). 

Versatile enough to go from bedroom to boardroom, our jumpsuits are designed to help you feel your best, no matter your plans. For us, that confidence starts with comfort. Step into a B.O.D Suit and you're ready to step out.


We’re Sarina & Rachel - sisters, Founders & Chairwomen of The Board - enchanté.

Our designs, ethos and founding principle of Feel Good, Do Good & Suit Yourself are based on the legacy left behind by our Mother, Holly, the ultimate woman, inspiration and role model in our lives, who we lost in 2011. 


She's at the heart of everything we do, not just for her unique style, but for the way she modeled what it looks like to honor one's own uniqueness in every aspect of one's life. While for Holly it was red lips & nails, trademark thoughtfulness, and a endless mission to do good, every Director has a lifestyle that suits them best.

We imagine that Holly's best advice would be to find what suits each of us and accept nothing less. With her as our inspiration, we hope to leave the world better than we found it, continue Holly's legacy and inspire those unafraid to cultivate a life they love.



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