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The Memo

Dream Big

Stop minimizing your dreams. Being negative will always cancel out any possibility of you taking action. Positive thinking plants the seed. It dares you to dream. It makes you more...

Second Chances Aren’t Bullshit

Time is an illusion, baby. There is no such thing as “missing the boat”, because guess what? The boat leaves when you say it leaves.

Fresh-ish Start

A common side effect of the collective reflecting on last year and creating resolutions for the year ahead can be comparison, confusion and self doubt about your current state. In...

New Year, Same Me

We’re always down for the goal-setting and the self-improvement. Just remember to do it at your own pace. You don’t have to pressure yourself to fit into the molds created...

Why We Do What We Do

Within this process, we realised these Suits were a way to channel our grief into purpose as well as to continue our Mom’s beautiful & powerful legacy. A way to...

Welcome to The Board!

Congratulations on becoming our freshest Board Member! Here's the gist on your new crew.

Every week we post our Moods - what catches our eye, embodies our brand, inspires us, reflects our emotions, grounds us -

pretty much everything that Suits us.

Written by contributing Board Members.


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