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The B.O.D, which stands for The Board of Directors, began their mission of comfort, ease, and individuality by creating diverse and adjustable jumpsuits, which they called suits. Masks were not in their original plan, but the sisters saw a need for them as the pandemic made an impact on the world. Rofé says they started sewing masks one by one at home and then went into full production, using the most sustainable methods they could, which meant leftover pieces of jumpsuit materials on hand.

Written by: Simona Shemer
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Many of you have heard me mention a dear friend of mine named Holly, who we unfortunately lost way too soon several years ago. I had the honor of interviewing her two beautiful daughters to discuss this very vulnerable topic of grief and hear how they have navigated through the process of losing someone so special to them. We not only hear about the story of their mom, and what it was like losing her but we also hear their perspective about what they have learned through this experience and how they are using it to inform their day to day life and welcome gratitude in. As always, together is better!

Interviewed by: BM Matana Poupko
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The B.O.D is a sustainable one-piece fashion brand. Their jumpsuits are inherently designed to be worn in different ways, making them re-wearable; taking you from day to night and saving on the wash-frequency because of the design cut.

All of the B.O.D’s packaging is created from the off cuts of the jumpsuits, adding another sustainable element to the brand. The B.O.D is sustainable by design and is a leading example of a boutique brand getting it right.

Written by: BM Yarin Weltsman
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