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New Year, Same Me

SUIT YOURSELF                                                     12/26


Board Members – 

It’s the last week of December. The countdown to the new year has begun and we’re feeling all kinds of things. For some, this imminent new year holds little weight while they are still processing 2020. For others, this is a time for new beginnings.  

Over here, we’re somewhere in the middle. Or in other words: new year, same me. What’s in the rearview mirror is sometimes not so easily forgotten and that’s ok. What’s on the horizon is unknown and that can be exciting or scary. No matter where we’re coming from or where we’re heading, this past year we’ve gotten to know ourselves a little bit better and that feels good.


There’s tons of pressure towards the end of the year to take stock of what this year has brought us. What did we accomplish? What slid through our fingers? How much weight did we gain or lose? Who cares? What does it all mean?

If you just feel like tuning it out, we get it. The noise from the outside world (deadlines! meetings! emails!) can be overwhelming especially if it has to compete with what feels like a never-ending conga line to-do list inside our head (cleaning! meal prep! laundry!).

There’s no shame in just letting all that noise dissipate. Bask in the moment. The beautiful now. This can be the simplest, sweetest gift we give to ourselves. Settle in, get cozy under some love handles, and go at your own pace. Play, lounge and conquer to the beat of your own maracas, 90s hip hop or anything else that moves you.

Be thankful for the simple things. The day to day experiences. Those delish Christmas cookies and Hanukkah donuts. The warmth and support of family, friends and pets. Mae West put it best, “too much of a good thing can be wonderful.”

Here at the B.O.D, we want to wish all of you a very warm and happy holiday season.

Looking into the future feels different for all of us. We’re always down for the goal-setting and the self-improvement. Just remember to do it at your own pace. You don’t have to pressure yourself to fit into the molds created by others. 

Suit Yourself. 

Happy New Year from the Board of Directors!


Written by Board Member Sarah Doar

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