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Why We Do What We Do

There were so many questions looming as we geared up to turn this passion project into an actual business. The B.O.D began with Sarina sewing custom made-to-order jumpsuits in her living room whenever she found delicious and unique fabrics. Why this jumpsuit? It was a twist on the ones our Mom Holly lived in for decades.

Literally LIVED in - as in worn and torn till her favorites were completely covered in stitched up holes that eventually tore again and turned into something someone might have called a rag instead of a jumpsuit. That woman was onto something though, because these Suits are just about the most comfortable thing we wear to date.

After receiving too many requests to make them all herself, Sarina realized that she had a product. But it represented so much more to us than just a simple piece of clothing. It was a physical representation of something we cherished that connected us to our Mom - memories, the feel and smell of something special. Could we really just start mass producing them just because of demand? No. That didn’t feel right. So what would feel right? What exactly was the message we wanted to put out into the world? How would we represent this larger than life soul? And what would be the ‘right’ way to turn something so personal to us into a business? 

Within this process, we realised these Suits were a way to channel our grief into purpose as well as to continue our Mom’s beautiful & powerful legacy. A way to share a piece of our Mom with the world and everything she embodied. Independence. Love. Happiness. Generosity. Wacky & bold fashion choices. And most of all a strong sense of self. {Be who You are. And be comfortable with it}. 

This message was so simple. And something we were proud to represent. Suddenly we were buzzed. A way to continue spreading her feel-good energizing confidence. These Suits are more than just clothes. They are self expression & wearable fun for memories in the making. For us especially, it’s a small way of sharing Holly’s memory with everyone who was lucky enough to know her, and all those we wish could have.

Every time we see someone wearing our Suits out in the wild we feel like little dumplings of feel-good-comfort-happiness is being spread. And we couldn’t be more excited about it!



    What a brand and what a creative duo! I love your suits so much xxx


    Absolutely love this inspiring brand and the ladies behind it. Keep injecting the world with joy and happiness through your suits. Loyal customer, friend, and board member for life. XXX

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