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A pop up series like you haven't seen before. Come in, hang out, stay a while. Just like your go-to corner store, THE B.O.DEGA experience will be a little bit of everything local; from art to home goods, to your favourite late night guilty pleasure - whether that’s a greasy treat or sleezy magazine.

THE B.O.D was born out of the grassroots support from the Tel Aviv community and we know first hand how difficult it is to grow a new business. THE B.O.DEGA is a platform for local creators to expand their communities, scale their businesses and join together with other start ups under one roof.

We launched the first B.O.DEGA in Tel Aviv in July, 2023 and can't wait to host the next!

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Our community is built upon the support of incredible individuals a.k.a Board Members, among whom are creatives, small business owners and those with passions we want to highlight.

We know how hard it is starting something big off on your own. We want to be a platform both online and through in-person experiences to help promote those talents and creations you thrive for. 

Get ready to play, lounge & conquer.


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